Kirkus, Clarion and Blueink Reviews of War Children

War Children has achieved critical acclaim. Find reviews from Kirkus, Clarion and Blueink below...

"This memoir is most notable for its detailed depiction of an average German family's life during wartime; it can be easy to forget that many German citizens had no affiliation with the Nazis. The author's parents were not self-sacrificing heroes of the resistance, but their struggle to preserve some kind of normal life for their children as war consumes their entire nation is admirable.

A moving memoir about a German family's wartime experience."
--- Kirkus Reviews

"Tradowsky examines World War II through the eyes of that child, living within a family that despises everything about the Nazi regime. He scrutinizes his youth, from everyday life with parents who try to keep his childhood normal to the traumatic horrors experienced in bombings and ongoing displacement, and he explores the effects all of it has had on the rest of his life. Tradowsky's story is touching, frightening, and profound, and he presents it beautifully. His book is one to ponder, for its message relates to the children of any war - past, present, or future.

He vividly and very capably depicts the destruction and terror of war, but it is his understanding of the impossibility of forging a normal childhood in wartime along with his ability to demonstrate war's calamitous victimization of youth that renders War Children much more than simply a well-written memoir."
--- ForeWord Reviews Clarion Review

"This remarkable story paints a vivid picture of the living hell many German civilians endured during World War II and the deprivation they suffered in the immediate aftermath.

Tradowsky keeps readers engaged through the sheer force  of his prose."
--- Blueink Review

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